Software and technology companies are completely based on the online economy. Whether it is a B2B software or a customer-friendly application, the success extent of any software company is determined through a simple factor. It has been a major problem faced by most of the software companies, that an initial level they don’t know where to start in terms of optimizing SEO, as a result, they fail to develop concrete gameplan that yields real results. That is why we have researched some tips for optimizing their SEO. Every time you look for SEO Service Provider Company, you need to know about the following tactics regarding your SEO. ● **Key Phrase Targeted Pages** Landing pages are one of the most effective lead generations and SEO tools available to software companies. Basically, a landing page is a standalone web page, created for advertising or marketing campaigns. ● **New Feature Announcements** The release of new products, features, and functions that are no previously introduced by others is also a very measurable condition that helps in the successful accomplishment of digital marketing campaigns. ● **Documentation & APIs** This is one of the crucial areas of SEO optimization that is ignored by software companies, however, their role is crucial as a key contributor for the improvement of search engine rankings. ● **Trend Reports** For the improvement of both SEO and Sales cycle management, you should put together some valuable and properly researched trends reports. These reports should have unique insights and information that will be found very useful. ● **Integration Tools** One of the biggest questions that sales prospects in the software industry have is how will it be integrated with systems I have currently. By providing a client website integration tool along with proper related documentation you will be able to positively affect search engine rankings. ● **Guest Blogging** Boosting SEO with the aid of external content marketing platforms like guest blogging has been considered as a tried and trusted method for software companies. ● **Directories and Review Sites** Listing products and services as many directory and business review sites is a basic yet smart strategy that is known to provide productive outcomes. ● **Optimizing SEO Software** SEO is a behavioral game, however, it requires a strategic approach. At the end of the day, you can not do good SEO without the support of good software platforms for identifying issues, tracking results and monitoring competitors.